Friday, August 1, 2014

Pet Idea: Aqir-Related Humanoids

It's no secret that I love humanoid pets - especially if they're larger pets, or actual-sized models.  As such, a couple models that would be perfect would be some minions of the Old Gods, specifically the Qiraji, Mantid, and Nerubians.  We've already had some of those, such as the Qiraji GuardlingKovok, the Mini Mindslayer, and the Silithid Hatchling.  But, as a fan of Old God lore, I'd love more of the descendants of the Aqir to follow me around on my adventures in Azeroth.

Warning: There will be pictures of insect and arachnid beings rather up-close.

Qiraji Bruiser

Based off the Qiraji Gladiator, the Qiraji Bruiser would be a good fit for an Aqir-descended humanoid pet.  His older model could size down well enough for a pet.  It could be a drop from General Rajaxx in the Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj.

As for moves, it could be similar to the Guardling and the Anubisath Idol, having mostly humanoid and sand-based moves.  It could also have insect-related moves.  Such moves that come to mind are CrushSandstormSwarmSwarm of FliesRupture, and Reckless Strike.

Nerubian Hatchling
Cute, right?
The Nerubian Hatchling could be a drop from Anub'arak in Azjol-Nerub, or Elder Nadox in Ahn'Kahet: The Old Kingdom.  It would be fitting either way.  The actual item could be the [Preserved Nerubian Egg], showing that the Nerubian Hatchling would be alive and well.

However, it would still be a humanoid battle pet.  As far as moves, it could have very spidery and humanoid moves, such as PunchSpiderling SwarmSticky WebBrittle WebbingScreech, and Skitter.

Mantid Drone
Mantid Drones tend to have wings, but at some point they seem to shed their wings when they become warriors.  This drone could either have wings or not - it could even change colors between the various "clans" of Mantid found in Townlong and Dread Wastes.  It could drop off the various drones found in either zone as well, or simply drop off Grand Empress Shek'zeer on all difficulties.

As far as moves, it could have Quick AttackSwarmAmber PrisonPheromonesDigest Brains, and Dodge.  Kovok's moves are fairly close to what the Mantid as a whole do in their culture.

(Screenshots thanks to Wowhead's model viewer, as always!)

I will continue the "bijou" ideas in the future for Troll Loa pets!

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