Thursday, August 7, 2014

Beta 18689: The Best Pets Ever

Build 18689 came out today with two VERY interesting pets: Frostwolf Pup - which I'm extremely happy about, and a Pygmy Cow.  They also announced where the Molten Corgi will come from - the 10 year anniversary for World of Warcraft.

All three pets are extremely important pets to me, simply because I.  Love.  Dogs.  And I'm from Wisconsin.  Cows are pretty plentiful (though, I don't live in a city anymore, and have seen them a lot more often).  I have speculated if the pet may be due to my suggestions, but I truly doubt it.  At this point I'm not recognized enough to warrant a pet made for me, or because of me.  Which is why I shall keep on truckin' in this blog.  

However, with actual news, I'm quite concerned for Hogs, the mini Hogger pet that may have been a decoy all along.  I was genuinely really excited for that pet.  Don't get me wrong, the Molten Corgi will be mine, and he will be loved dearly.  But, I do hope that Hogs isn't forgotten as well.  I don't really think it matters how we obtain him, for the record.  I just hope he makes his way into my collection.  Humanoid pets (no matter how low res they are) are always welcome by my side! 

Soon I'll post more pet ideas.  I also want to start making mount, toy, glyph, and even quest ideas.  However, it'll still focus mostly on pets.

See you on Twitter!  Thanks for reading!

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