Monday, July 28, 2014

Pet Idea: Dog Breeds - Part 2

Last time I spoke about racial pets for every playable race, but what about all those neutral NPCs and factions we meet along the way?  Wouldn't all the other wonderful cultures have their own breeds in Azeroth, Draenor, and beyond?  They would be obtainable by various NPCs that would be willing to sell them to the adventurers in WoW.  Here are a few ideas.

Krasarang Mastiff (Shar Pei)
Kun-Lai Lion Dog (Chow Chow)
-The Shar Pei could easily work with the Gilnean Mastiff model.  The Lucky Quilen Cub already looks like a Chow Chow - it could be recolored, or be given a more unique model with the same animations.  Both dog breeds are well-known for having iffy temperaments, and would fit the "Mogu" way of life perfectly.

Kun-Lai Mastiff (Tibetan Mastiff)
Townlong Spaniel (Tibetan Spaniel)
-While the Grummles are based much more off the Sherpa people of Nepal, both dog breeds fit them perfectly.  The Tibetan Mastiff was also known to be bred in Nepal, which is fitting.  The Tibetan Spaniel could fit well with the lore about Grummles that went to Townlong to find yaks - they could have found the breed and decided to sell them as well.

Fjord Elkhound (Norwegian Elkhound)
Ymirjar Spitz (Samoyed)
-Being a Norwegian dog, it fits well to have them with a race that was based off ancient Norse people.  Likewise, the Samoyed fits well with the rough-and-tumble Vrykul, as well as the surroundings in Northrend.

Kamagua Spitz (Greenland Dog)
Borean Husky (Siberian Husky)
-The models could simply be recolors of each other, as they do look very similar.  There are also plenty of other Husky breeds with similar coat patterns and slightly different colors.  They fit well into the Tuskarr way of life, and could easily be used as a mount of sled dogs as well.

Shandaral (Northrend Night Elves)
Shandaral Spitz (Korean Jindo)
-Could be a recolor of the racial Night Elf dogs I mentioned before.  Fits well, and would look different enough to warrant an obtainable recolor that anyone could get, regardless of faction.

Uldum Hound (Pharaoh Hound)
Setesh Hound (Tesem)
-Pharaoh Hounds are not actually from Ancient Egypt, but Malta instead.  They look a lot like the Tesem, the dog of Ancient Egypt which looked much like a Set animal.  Set was the inspiration for the Uldum Watcher Setesh.  Basically, the Setesh Hound would be a stone version of the Uldum Hound.

Tanari (Saluki)
-Thought to perhaps be related to the aforementioned Set animal, the Saluki is an iconic Middle Eastern dog.  In-game, the Tanari could be thought to be related to Uldum Hounds.  The Goblins of Gadgetzan could have found these dogs in Tanaris, and started to sell them for their own profit.

-No, not a real dog breed at all.  At least, our characters don't think so, but who would argue with the standards of the ACC (Azeroth Canine Club)?  It would offer a fun and silly dog type, compared to all the true dog breeds that have potential to be added in-game.  Or, it could be terrifying.

Arathi Wolfhound (Irish Wolfhound)
Stromgarde Shepherd (German Shepherd)
-The kingdom of Stromgarde is known for owning the land/city that belonged to the oldest known human empire - Arathor.  As such, the Irish Wolfhound is quite fitting, considering the setting and all the dangers in the highlands.  Also, the German Shepherd is a very iconic dog breed that would fit well into Arathi's landscape.

Kul Tiras
Tiranese (Maltese)
Boralus Hound (Ibizan Hound)
-I imagine Kul Tiras being a beautiful mixture of Mediterranean, Spanish, and Italian architecture.  Canal-streets in Boralus like Venice, orange and lemon groves in the countryside like Sicily, mosaics similar to the ones found in Malta, and basilicas like the Sagrada Família of Barcelona.  As such, the Maltese and Ibizan Hound fit Kul Tiras very well.  The Maltese could also be a recolor of the Duskhaven Terrier mentioned in my last post (if that was ever implemented as well, of course).

Ambermill Spaniel (Cocker Spaniel)
Dalaran Spaniel (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel)
-I noticed a distinct lack of spaniels in my list, and Dalaran is a good place to put them.  They mix well with other human kingdom dog breeds (mostly chosen from European and American backgrounds).  Plus, spaniels tend to be cute as heck.

Draenor Orc
Talador Spitz (Basenji)
Tanaan Sighthound (Azawakh)
-Both the aforementioned African breeds fit well with the Orcs, and would behave similarly to the Australian breeds mentioned before.  Basenji are very similar to Dingoes in the fact that they are both Pariah dogs.  Both breeds fit well into the Orcish lifestyle we've seen so far in WoD (i.e., #savage).

What do you think?  Any dog breeds you'd like to see that weren't listed?  How would you like to earn dog pets?  Let me know on Twitter!

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