Friday, July 25, 2014

Pet Idea: Elune Idol & Pygmy Punk

Even though I only made my first post a little while ago about the revamped purpose of the blog, I might as well get started.  I vowed I'd use this blog, and use it I shall!

Elune Idol

The Elune Idol is a pet I would love to see.  The model itself could be based on the Cover of the Keepers from Ulduar - the druid tier from that raid.  The animations could simply be like the Darkmoon Eye - floating above/behind the player character.

The pet would be looted from a statue in various temples that were once in honor of Elune - Azshara, Desolace, Vashj'ir, etc.  The item it would be looted from would be the statue of Elune's Handmaiden, often seen in places of Elune's worship.  The statue itself could be a random spawn in any of those areas, and award the pet at a 100% drop rate.  I don't think it would matter one way or another if the pet was tradeable or not - it would be fairly easy to get either way in that case.

Of course, it would be a battle pet, as well!  There are already moon-based moves that would fit it, such as MoonlightMoonfireMoon Tears, and Moon Dance.  Two other moves that would fit it well are Light and Beam.  Though, I suspect that combination of moves could be slightly overpowered in some cases.  However, it would easily fit as a magic-type pet based on these abilities.

Pygmy Punk

It's absolutely no secret that I want a pygmy pet.  I love the pygmies.  They're just awesome.  They have awesome sounds, awesome models, and their lore actually fits into Goblin lore as it is now - and I do love my Gobbins!

The Pygmy Punk would have a very basic, generic pygmy model, as seen above.  It would be slightly smaller than a regular pygmy, and perhaps a little larger than Clock'em.  I wouldn't complain if it was as large as a regular pygmy, however - large pets are always fun.

The Pygmy Punk could come from a quest added in eastern Uldum or western Tanaris.  The Pygmy himself could offer the quest near the tomb in the entrance of Uldum.  He would be unlike his fellow pygmies, wanting to see outside of the desert and get along with the other races of Azeroth.  On his journey, he would need several coconuts (as noted in this quest) to buy supplies before he leaves.  You go take out nearby pygmies (which are killed anyway for this quest), and loot their coconuts.  Upon returning to the pygmy, he notes he doesn't have any idea where to travel, and how to get anywhere.  He then claims he'll join you.  Your reward will be the [Pygmy Punk] battle pet.

As a battle pet, he could have several humanoid and sand-based moves.  Some moves that come to mind are PunchKickClobberSand BoltQuicksand, and Sandstorm.

What do you guys think of the ideas?  Let me know at @PrinceMirage!

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